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Every industry, every sector, every product, every market has that “breakthrough” moment. For BHS, the breakthrough moment came in the form of developments in the drilling industry when pneumatically operated DTH (Down the Hole Hammers) rigs came to be manufactured locally and almost eliminated the import of such rigs. BHS took the plunge in this context, manufacturing new generation rigs based on hydraulic power. Our products dovetail the best of hydraulics applications and give more power, flexibility and reliability, with the BHS guarantee.
BHS Products:
  • DTH water well rigs
  • DTH water well rigs Box type
  • Core drilling rigs
  • Reverse circulation Rigs
  • Tractor mounted rigs
  • DTH hammers
  • DTH button bits
These new generation DTH are coupled to higher air power, and thus play a significant role in leading to faster drilling rates. The company’s R&D is constantly looking at reinventing, revamping and improving the products’ performance in the long haul.

On the shop floor, the workbenches where repairs are done are appropriately far from tools that throw off dust and debris, like lathes, sandblasters, grinders, welders and torches. Absorbent pads are used to take care of spills, while solvent tanks are used to clean parts. We make sure that the solvent used is compatible with the seals on the equipment being cleaned.
dth water well rigs
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DTH Water Well Rigs Box Type
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Core Drilling rigs
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RC Drilling Rigs
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Tractor Mounted Rigs
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Sahana Hammer
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Sahana Bits
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